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We are extremely committed to delivering quality advice, sales and support to assist our clients to achieve the maximum from their ICT investment.

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ICT Technical Solutions

We deliver support to the best of breed technologies such as HP, D-Link, APC, Printronix, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Tally Genicom...

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Structured Network Solutions

The building, or portion of a building that houses computer rooms and support facilities.

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ICT Consultancy & Security

Provides consultancy for IT Assessment & Review, IT forensic investigation, IT Governance, Licensing, Backup & Disaster Recovery planning.

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Computer Sales & Accessories

we deliver support to the best of breed technologies such as HP, D-Link, APC, Printronix, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Tally Genicom.

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Web Design & Hosting

Professional Web design & Amazing Hosting Services; Systems security and managemnt sevices.

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Welcome To Delliams | Kenya

Delliams East Africa LTD exists because ICT infrastructure has become the backbone of most businesses but unfortunately many businesses only find this out when it is too late and their businesses has come to a standstill hence we the instance of Technology.

ICT Sales & Supplies

For Sale of ICT equipment; Computers, Laptops, UPS, Software Licensing services as well as products supply & delivery on credit period of 30 days.

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Business Systems & Security

For IT Governance, Web-design & Hosting, Printing services,Back-up & desaster recovery planning as well as ICT Assessment & review.

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Technical Solutions

Our centralized Help Desk team currently provides support to over 500 ICT devices via our easy-to-use remote support system. Just talk to us now.

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Because we strive to be the leading provider of Affordable & Best Quality ICT Solutions to individuals and organizations from every Economic Sector.

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Networks & Servers

Cisco Systems (CSCO) is likely to make more software- and security-related acquisitions, based on what the computer networking firm said at its Cisco Live customer conference July 10-14, according to a new research report from RBC Capital.

Mobile Technology

Have you ever gone shopping and forgot where you parked your car? It's happened to all of us. And wandering through the parking lot on a hot day clicking the panic button so your alarm goes off can be frustrating and irritating.

Technology Hitch

Yahoo was once the king of the Internet, a $125 billion behemoth as big in its time as Facebook or Google are today. Now it's being sold to Verizon for comparative chump change..