Evolution of ICT & DelliamsTech LTD

We look at the structure and evolution of an information and communication technology (ICT) global innovation network (GIN) by mapping the locations of R&D centres belonging to a group of multinational ICT enterprises. We found that the number of countries and connections have increased in a very short time, and that most of the newcomers have come from Africa, Asia and South America. We show that a country's network position affects the creation and intensity of R&D linkages with other countries in the network. This suggests that the evolution of the ICT GIN is driven by, among other things, the preferential attachment mechanism, i.e. countries tend to connect to those countries which have more links. A country's position in the network also moderates the effect of standard determinants of innovation i, such as geographic distance. Hence, network position explains the creation of R&D linkages between such distant countries as the US, China or India.

In 1955, information technology for development started in Kolkata with a computer which was used for calculations for the government (Heeks 2009). In phase 0.0, most project initiators were governments. Information technology was used to facilitate administrative tasks inside governments. After 1980, information technology (IT) usage for development was broaden to improve economic growth.

Between 1990 and 2000 a change happened to ICT4D. One main influence was the invention of the internet. The other were the declaration of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2000 by the United Nations. It is at this juncture where Delliams Technologies LTD, Kenya's leading independent IT support and maintenance company, with vast experience in the ICT Sector, today is providing quality ICT services, deployment, sales, resourcing and maintenance to businesses,state and county bodies and organisations in every sector throughout Kenya and abroad. We work in partnership with the global IT industry leaders and represent many of them on the ground in Kenya majorly Printronix, HP, Dell etc.