Tally Genicom Special Unit

The 6800 Cabinet delivers the most flexible design, adaptable functionality and manageable savings of any line matrix printer.This model features the best innovations from the previous series, which allow users to customize the 6800 Cabinet

Preventive Maintenance

We supply all of our end users with a workflow to follow should they require assistance. This allows us to prioritize our support to the required tiers and any issues quickly.

Infrastructure planning

Do you ever wonder what is going on at your business when you are not there? Well you can now check in as required with our affordable CCTV solutions.

General Repairs

It is important that your business has IT policies, Procedures and Agreements in place to govern the way technology is used within your business.

Structured Cabling

We offer in-person technical training to ensure our clients are getting the full benefit from their technology investments.

Infrastructure support

ICT infrastructure has become the backbone of most businesses but unfortunately many businesses only find this out when it is too late and their businesses has come to a standstill.